Physical Therapy

Locations Offering This Specialty

Physical therapy is a specialty that is concerned with the prevention of disability and post acute care treatment following hospitalization for a medical or surgical problem leading to impairment.

The goals of physical therapy are:

  • Help patients regain diminished physical function, which has been lost secondary to injury or disease
  • Relieve pain
  • Physical therapists perform appropriate tests to evaluate neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and sensory-motor functions. By determining the depth of impairment, physical therapists are then able to help patients return to full function by the use of various physical agents to decrease pain and by the use of therapeutic exercise to increase strength, endurance and coordination.

The unique approach to evaluating impairments and treatment allow patients to return to meaningful occupational and recreational pursuits.

In addition to the treatment of injuries and physical disabilities, physical therapists play a major role in the prevention of disability by teaching people the importance of physical fitness and the relationship between health, nutrition and disease.

Physical therapists work at the Scott & White Center for Advanced Medicine, Scott & White Home Health Agency, The Center for Rehabilitation at Scott & White, the Scott & White Hewitt Physical Therapy Clinic and Santa Fe Skilled Nursing Facility.

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