CoreFirst Activation

At Scott & White, part of our Functional Manual Therapy™ program includes an emphasis on a strong core. Our licensed physical therapists employ an approach called CoreFirst™ activation.

What Is CoreFirst Activation?

CoreFirst activation involves:

  • Specific prescriptive exercises to strengthen the tiny muscles surrounding your spine so that they automatically activate when you initiate movement of unrelated muscles
  • Retraining your inner core muscles to work together properly and efficiently to provide balance and support

CoreFirst After Injury

Injury or pain will often inhibit your inner core muscles from activating properly. With CoreFirst activation, your therapist can help you retrain and reactivate your inner core muscles.
Studies show that even simple, mundane actions — such as sneezing or pushing a door open — can cause reinjury to a previous orthopedic injury.  
Strong inner core muscles that engage when you start to move can help prevent reinjury.

Benefits of a Strong Inner Core

  • Strong inner core muscles against your spine:
    • Prepare your body for movement
    • Protect your body against injury
    • Give you balance and control
  • With strong inner core muscles, you are more likely to:
    • Engage in many more activities and exercises
    • Have confidence when exercising and moving
    • Avoid pain
    • Protect your low back from injury

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