What to Expect from Your Occupational Medicine Provider

Scott & White has over a hundred years of experience in the field of occupational medicine and operates numerous comprehensive clinics throughout our service area. Your employees can go to one convenient location for lab, x-ray and injury treatment. In most cases, you'll find multiple specialty doctors located nearby, and referrals, if necessary, are easily handled. Our board-certified Occupational Medicine Specialists have received additional training in preventive medicine and public health and continually update their education.

With Scott & White as your Occupational Medicine Provider, management of work-related illness or injury is not a concern. We understand that you need your employees to be treated quickly and returned to work as soon as possible. Here are a few ways we help return employees back to work as safely and quickly as possible to prevent disability.

Consistent Communication Crucial to Effective Case Management

At Scott & White we know that one of the most crucial elements of work-related injury management involves continual communication with the employer, employee and the insurance carrier.

A Scott & White Case Manager will follow and track your injured employee throughout the medical treatment process. The case manager will keep you informed about every visit to Scott & White, your employee's return to work status, work restrictions and treatment progress.

Your work-related ill or injured employee receives a Work Status Form after each visit. A copy of this form is then mailed or faxed to you to keep you fully updated on the employee’s condition and work abilities. The case manager, physician, or physician's assistant may call your company contact with a report or to get clarification on modified work availability. The case manager will also call the employee periodically to assess their progress. This allows us to determine whether there are any unresolved issues that may prevent the employee from returning to full work status. A report will be made to you to keep you fully updated on the employee's status.

Treatment for Work-Related Illness or Injury

Scott & White makes caring for a work-related injury as convenient as possible. If your employee needs immediate care, just send them directly to one of the many area Scott & White Clinics for treatment. Our clinics are equipped to handle injuries and allows you to avoid using expensive, time consuming emergency rooms for routine work-related injuries. We can treat any employee except for life-threatening situations that require emergency room care

Your employees are expedited through the system because we understand the disruption caused by having an employee waiting for hours to be seen and treated. Your employee will be off the job for the minimum amount of time for treatment. The Scott & White physicians and physician's assistants who staff these clinics will know your company's protocols in advance, and will work with you to return an employee to modified or full dutyTo help ensure your supervisors know where to go for treatment, we can provide each of your supervisors with a wallet-sized card that lists each of our Occupational Medicine Clinics and their phone numbers.

Work Site Visit

When Scott & White manages your company's occupational medicine program, our Occupational Medicine Specialists will complete a work site visit and evaluation to further understand the work and jobs of your company.

They will look at your company for potential injury areas or exposure. This evaluation includes a review of the nature of all jobs, how materials are handled, and how work is performed. Working with your company, our Occupation Medicine Specialist can then advise you of ways to decrease workplace health risks, and ultimately reduce risk for injury and illness while reducing operating and insurance costs.

Employee Physicals and Drug and Alcohol Screening

Employee physicals are available with Scott & White Occupational Medicine as your workplace healthcare partner. With Scott & White it takes only one-stop to complete employee physicals. Your employee will not have to travel to several different locations for lab, x-ray, audiometry, pulmonary or drug testing services.

We offer pre-placement physicals, annual health maintenance physicals, and regulatory physicals for the Department of Transportation (DOT), OSHA and other agencies. Our medical provider will perform the physical evaluations efficiently with results quickly forwarded to you. The exam can be custom tailored to fit your company's needs, and can include lab work, x-rays, audiograms, drug testing, pulmonary function testing, OSHA respirator questionnaire evaluation, surveillance physicals, travel immunizations, and other tests and service as required.

Scott & White can assist with your drug-free work program, providing drug and alcohol collections for testing on preplacement, post-accident, random and suspicious cause.

Scott & White collects specimens for Quest Diagnostics, one of only a few certified labs in the United States as well as many other national laboratories. You will have the results within 24-48 hours. You can be assured that we will collect specimens from your employees in an accurate and efficient manner. Breath Alcohol Testing is also available from our certified technicians.

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