McLane Children's Hospital Scott & White Neonatal Intensive Care Unit celebrates two-year milestone for zero infection rate

CENTRAL TEXAS, Texas – For the second year in a row, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  (NICU) at McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White has not had a single occurrence of a central line infection. This achievement in patient safety over a 24-month period is a credit to the outstanding group of specialized nurses known as peripherally inserted central catheters (picc-line) nurses.

"The picc-line nurses in our NICU made a commitment to a zero infection rate for our babies," said Cheryl A. Cipriani, MD, neonatologist at McLane Children’s Hospital.  "We commend them on their dedication and absolute adherence to best practices and thank all of the physicians and nurses in the unit for their support in realizing this terrific accomplishment for our patients."

Central lines are used to give babies in the NICU critical medications and nutrition, and central line infections are the most common type of infection in the NICU setting. Because these lines gain direct access to the blood stream through a break in the skin, common bacteria, despite the most rigorous hand hygiene among health professionals, can easily be transferred at the point of entry and lead to an infection in the blood stream.

Babies in the NICU are particularly susceptible to infection because their immune systems are often compromised due to pre-maturity and other complications at birth. Considering their insufficiency to fight an infection, keeping them safe is critical to prevent potentially deadly neonatal illnesses.

"Thanks to the ongoing support of my fellow physicians and nurses who maintain a culture that only accepts the highest standard of protocol, we made this goal a reality.  I applaud the picc-line nurses who have redefined the meaning of dedication in order to keep our patients out of harm’s way," said John Boyd III, MD, CEO and chief medical officer of McLane Children’s Hospital.

At McLane Children’s Hospital, patient safety and quality outcomes are the highest priority. The two-year milestone of no central line infection rates is a shining example of the overall commitment to patient safety at the hospital.

McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White encompasses 112 inpatient beds -- 48 private rooms and 16 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) rooms, with another 48 NICU beds at Scott & White Memorial Hospital.  The NICU unit cares for 600 to 700 newborns each year with their health outcomes ranking among the top 10 percent of neonatal care units in the United States.  McLane Children’s has been designed to support staff in delivering family-centered care in a healing and secure environment.

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June 22, 2012

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