Central Texas Poison Control Center offers tips to identify alcohol poisoning

- Knowing what to look for can be the difference in saving a life -

CENTRAL TEXAS – As people gather together with friends and family on New Year's Eve to welcome in the New Year, some tend to include drinking alcohol in their celebration. For any celebration that involves alcohol, it’s important for all to be responsible, and to take precautions to prevent children from gaining access to alcohol. Last year during the holiday season, the Central Texas Poison Center at Baylor Scott & White received 25 calls related to alcohol poisoning involving children and adults.

The Central Texas Poison Center encourages everyone to be safe this New Year by offering these signs to watch for if you are with people who are drinking alcohol.

Mental confusion
Snoring/gasping for air
Throwing up

Hypthermia/cold and clammy skin
Erratic breathing
Loss of consciousness
Paleness or blueness of skin

When in doubt, call the Poison Control Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our specially trained pharmacists, nurses, or physicians are available to answer your call for free and all calls are treated confidential, 1-800-222-1222.

If you will be consuming alcohol, then you should not drive and you should arrange to have a sober companion who can respond in case of an emergency.

Alcohol consumption by anyone under the age of 21 is illegal and in order to prevent injuries or death to minors exposed to alcohol, Texas has passed the 911 Lifeline law. The law states that a person under 21 cannot be charged by the police for possessing or consuming alcohol if the person calls 911 to report that someone else might have alcohol poisoning. This limited immunity applies only to the first person to call for medical assistance. Also, to qualify for this immunity, the caller must remain on the scene until medical assistance arrives and must cooperate with EMS and law enforcement. More information about the 911 Lifeline law can be found at http://www.tabc.state.tx.us/publications/brochures/911-lifeline-policy.pdf.

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