Scott & White Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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The Scott & White Difference

Our program is designed to slow down and minimize progression of the debilitating symptoms of lung disease by combining exercise with education, breathing retraining, nutritional counseling, and emotional support.

While chronic lung disease is not reversible, through treatment we can help you reduce your symptoms and improve the quality of your life.

We offer:

  • piped in oxygen to support patients who are oxygen dependent (Temple facility only)
  • progressive individualized medically supervised exercise plan
  • treadmills, recumbent bike, upper body ergometers, and dumbbell weights
  • progressive education classes:
    • lung function - learn more about lung function and your disease
    • breathing techniques like pursed lip and diaphragmatic breating to help shortness of breath
    • airway clearance
    • meal planning and dietary choices
    • medication management
    • energy conservation and stress management

With your physician referral, our medically supervised 12-week program will teach you how to:

  • safely and comfortably increase your exercise tolerance
  • use exercise equipment such as treadmill, recumbent bike, upper body ergometer, and dumbbell weights
  • alleviate shortness of breath that comes with activity through breathing exercises and techniques
  • properly use your medications
  • recognize, treat and resist respiratory infection and flare-ups
  • use relaxation and "panic breathing" techniques
  • improve your dietary choices to promote nutrition and strength
  • conserve energy and improve work efficiency
  • continue your program from home
  • do more things you enjoy and be active again

Maintenance Program

For our program graduates, we offer a maintenance program that provides support for continued growth.

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