Because you deserve to breathe easier.

Understanding your condition will help you improve your quality of life. Positive lifestyle changes can help.

Keep a journal. Keeping a journal is a good way of monitoring your dietary and physicial activities, tracking your medication and supplements, how you feel on a daily basis and any concerns or questions you might forget between your doctor visits.

Eat healthy. Eating healthy does not mean only eat organic foods or that eating healthy will be expensive. It means delivering the nutrients your body needs. Check out Eat Healthy, Live Healthy to get started. Ask your provider if there are foods you should avoid.

Daily physicial activity. Talk to your provider about specific limiations or restrictions to your physical activities. Your provider can help you with an appropriate daily physcial activity program.

Quit Smoking. Your provider can discuss treatment options to help you quit. Scott & White offers a smoking support cessation program. Avoid second hand smoke.

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