IBD Providers

Scott & White IBD Center

The IBD provider team consists of gastroenterologists, surgeons and dieticians working with you on your personalized treatment plan.

Gastroenterology Team

We recognize that IBD can be complicated. Your team of IBD providers understand IBD and its possible complications. We partner with you to determine the best treatment plan.

Image of Dr. Timothy Pfanner

Dr. Timothy Pfanner

Image of Dr. Raymond Duggan

Dr. Raymond Duggan

Image of Dr. Apurva Trivedi

Dr. Apurva Trivedi

Image of Allison Benson, MSN, RN

Allison Benson, MSN, RN


Surgical Team

Our surgeons are leaders in minimal invasive surgery procedures such as single incision laparoscopic (SILS), robot-assisted, sphincter preserving surgery, J-Pouch, and latest technologies to surgically treat IBD disease including Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. While surgery may frequently be required in the management of IBD, knowing when to avoid an operation is also critical and cannot be overlooked.

Our team consists of colorectal surgeons and Katherine Hughes, RN, FNP, who is additionally trained in ostomy teaching, care and needs. We take a team approach for your care to ensure the best possible outcome.

Image of Dr. Harry Papaconstantinou

Dr. Harry Papaconstantinou
Colorectal Surgeon

Image of Dr. J. Scott Thomas

Dr. J. Scott Thomas
Colorectal Surgeon


Dietician Team

Malnutrition among individuals with IBD is very common. Therapeutic treatment and nutritional counseling is vital in managing malnutrition and to achieve optimum health and recovery.

Image of Talitha Thompkins, Nutrician Nurse

Talitha Thompkins
Nutrician Nurse




Image of Patsy Taylor

Patsy Taylor
Administrative Assistant


Working for you to ensure you receive the best possible assistance and care which includes assisting with insurance approvals and specialty medication orders.

If you are prescribed Remicade, Humira or Cimzia, I work with your insurance company for authorizations and pharmacy information so I can order the specialty drug for you. These medications are costly. If you need assistance, I can help you with an assistance application. I do my best to ensure you receive the lowest price possible. When all approvals are in place, I will schedule your delivery of Humira or Cimzia. Additionally, I will order your Remicade and schedule your infusion at one of our infusion locations that is most convenient for you: Center for Diagnostic Medicine, Vasicek Cancer Center, Round Rock Clinic, Killeen Cancer Center, Waco Clinic or Bryan College Station Clinic.


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