Preparing for your colonoscopy

5-7 days prior to your procedure

  • Read through your instructions
  • Make possible medication changes

4-days prior to your procedure

  • Purchase Gatorade®, Crystal Light, MiraLAX®, Dulcolax®, Desitin® Cream, soups, gelatins, and juices

3-days prior to your procedure

  • Stop eating raw vegetables and foods with seeds

1-day prior to your procedure

  • Clear liquid diet all day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - gelatins, broth, soda, and popsicles
  • 3:00 p.m. take Dulcolax and start drinking MiraLAX with Crystal Light or Gatorade
  • Spend the evening close to the bathroom
  • Midnight - 6:00 a.m. depending on the time of your procedure, you will need to take a second dose of the preparation to clean out any new material which has appeared in your colon

The day of your colonoscopy

  • Wear loose fitting clothing, socks you don't care about, light make-up and jewelry
  • Do not eat or drink anything
  • Okay to brush your teeth
  • Remind your driver that they must stay in the lobby for the entire 3-4 hours that you are spending with us

After Check-in

  • You will be asked your name and birthday many times for your safety
  • You will be given a buzzer to hold until we have your rolling bed ready for you
  • You will be taken to your bed where you will change into a hosptial gown and have an IV placed. You will also be asked questions about your last solid and liquid meals and your medical history will be confirmed.
  • You will then probably have 10-15 minutes to relax prior to your procedure starts. We schedlue the extra "buffer" time in case we have problems with your IV or other unforeseen problems appear.

After you roll into the procedure room

  • You will meet the nurse who will talk you through the procedure and give you medications during the procedure.
  • You will meet the technician who will be assisting the doctor during the procedure.
  • You will meet the doctor who will be doing the procedure.
  • You will be asked some of the same questions again - for your safety.
  • You will receive your sedation and the procedure will begin.
  • Hopefully, the next thing you remember is waking up in the recovery room with your driver telling you that everything went very well.

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