Medical Weight Management Program

Frequently Requested Information

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  • Members of both genders see equal success in our program, although men normally lose weight more rapidly than women.
  • The participants that weigh the most and/or are able to be physically active will lose weight faster than those who have less weight to lose and/or who engage in less physical activity.
  • The meal replacement: has an appetizing taste and aroma.  Flavors currently available are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and potato soup.
  • The meal replacement is versatile in that it can be consumed as a beverage or made into baked goods.  We will provide many recipes from the company that produces the product and we will share with you several recipes that previous program participants have come up with on their own!
  • The meal replacement formulation is 42% carbohydrate, 57% protein and 1% fat.
  • Participants usually consume 5 meal replacements spread out in regular intervals throughout the day.  Each meal replacement provides 22 grams of Carbohydrate, 14 grams of protein and <1 gram of fat.
  • Unlike  many other rapid weight loss programs, ours DOES NOT mandate regular ketone testing.
  • Patients with chronic health issues will be admitted into our program on a case by case basis.
  • Initial laboratory testing and a clinic evaluation are mandatory.  This visit will enable the risk-stratification of the patient, including a thorough assessment of co-morbidities and medications that the patient is taking, as the drastic change in calorie intake may have health consequences.
  • Laboratory safety parameters and a clinic visit at 3 weeks and every 3 months as long as participants continue on the very low calorie diet are mandatory to ensure participants’ well-being.
  • To facilitate favorable lifestyle changes, we use a cognitive-behavioral approach that enables our patients to objectively see the results of their behavior in terms of changes in body weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, lab studies etc.  Favorable lifestyle changes are key to maintaining the weight loss achieved during the program, long-term.

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