Social Work and Nurse Aides

If a patient qualifies for Home Care by being homebound with an acute medical concern and having a skilled need, then patients may also access our team of social workers and home health aides.

Social Work Services

By partnering patients and their families with a social worker, Scott & White Home Care links patients with additional resources available in the local community. Social workers may provide assistance with long term planning and short term counseling. As always, these services are provided in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Home Health Aide Services

Often patients receiving care from Scott & White Home Care also need help with managing their basic hygiene. Home health aides will assist with personal care, such as bathing, shaving and dressing. Unfortunately housekeeping is not a covered benefit through most insurance providers.

Family Education

Caregivers may need assistance or services beyond the broad range of care provided by Scott & White Home Care. Social workers will counsel the patient and family and link them to companies and organizations that may help. While in the home, our home health aides will work with the caregiver to eliminate safety hazards and to teach them on how to help the patient maintain proper hygiene.

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