Contact Lenses


Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Yearly contact lens exams are valuable to your eye health. Since the eye is a sensitive organ, it is susceptible to irritations that may be caused by contact lenses.

Problems that are undetectable to you can become catalysts for more serious conditions and untreated minor problems can soon give rise to severe complications in contact lens wear.

Only an eye care professional has the specialized knowledge and instruments to evaluate the general health relationship of your eye and the contact lenses.

Seeing 20/20 isn't the only reason for a contact lens exam. During an annual contact lens exam, your eye care professional may not only evaluate the condition of the lenses but can also tell you if any changes are warranted in the lenses' fitting.

Prescriptions for contact lenses are valid for at least one year after the correct prescription has been determined.

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