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The Executive Health Program was established in 1966 to provide expeditious comprehensive preventive health examinations for business executives.

The exam is provided by physicians certified in internal medicine and focuses on primary and secondary prevention of disease including atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, cancer, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis. The most advanced medical technology is employed including CT (computed tomography) scanning of the coronary arteries, EKG treadmill cardiac stress testing, cancer screening, bone density measurement and complete blood screening.

Participants have access to expert consultants in all subspecialties in medicine and surgery.

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The Examination

The examination can usually be completed in one day and includes personal initial and dismissal visits with the physician. A personalized battery of studies and optional testing and consultations are prescheduled. During the dismissal visit results are reviewed and specific recommendations for health enhancement and follow up is provided. Medical problems are treated as needed. A written summary and copy of laboratory reports will be sent to the patient and, if requested, to their physician.

Medical Screenings

Screening depends on health risk as determined by age and gender.