Recommended Screenings for Diabetes Management

Managing your diabetes will be a lifelong effort. It's important to follow a routine care schedule of screenings to monitor your health and prevent complications such as blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and neuropathy, which leads to non-healing foot ulcers.

Check-up by primary care provider - every three months

We recommend reviewing your diabetes treatment plan with your primary care provider every three months. Screenings your provider will run include:

  • A1C test (monitors glucose level) – every three months
  • Blood pressure – every three months
  • LDL/HDL/Triglycerides – annually
  • Urine protein – annually

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Eye exam – annually

Diabetes increases the risk for retinal damage, glaucoma and cataracts. Having an eye care professional examine your eyes once a year can help prevent irreversible damage.

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Foot exam – every three months

High blood glucose can cause nerve damage and decreased blood flow to your legs and feet, leaving you at risk for infection and gangrene. Scheduling regular exams by a podiatrist is important to preventing non-healing wounds and amputation.

  • Visual foot exam – every three months
  • Complete foot exam – annually

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Dental exam - every six months

If you have diabetes, your saliva can contain high levels of glucose, which help plaque grow and can lead to cavaties, tooth decay and gum disease. Schedule routine exams to monitor and prevent disease.

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