Diabetes Self-Management Classes

Class Schedule

Self-management classes are available for patients and families coping with type 2 diabetes.  This six-month program is comprised of four parts, which are offered four days a week with morning, afternoon and evening times available.

Class 1

This three-hour class discusses topics including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, blood glucose monitoring, carbohydrate counting, meal planning, and physical activity.

Class 2

This two-hour class is offered two weeks after completing Class 1. Topics include evaluating self-test results and skills, meter use and maintenance, monitoring glucose levels, strategies for food selection and portion control when eating away from home.

Class 3

This two-hour class is offered three months following Class 2. Topics include foot care skills, heart healthy food choices, how diabetes and therapy change over time, and glucose monitoring records.

Class 4

This two-hour class is offered three months following Class 3. Topics include problem solving skills, stress and how it affects blood glucose control, diabetes and depression and specific needs identified by class patients.

Appointments and Referrals

To sign up for a class, patients must first be referred by their primary care physician and then schedule an appointment.


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