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USA Cycling is a family of organizations that promotes and governs different disciplines of the sport and works as one to build the sport of bicycle racing, assist with athlete development and sustain international competitive excellence. One of these organizations is the U.S. Cycling Federation (USCF). The USCF governs the sport of amateur bicycle racing in the U.S. Races are categorized by skill level. The beginner category, “Cat 5” in men’s and "Cat 4" in women’s, serves as an opportunity for a beginner cyclist to start racing and the top “Cat 1” category consists of riders at the top of the sport. Both men and women can compete in categories based on their skill level.

The Scott & White Community Cycling Club (SWCCC) is an official USAC club, so club members can issue their racing license as a member of the Scott & White Cycling Club. The Love Cures Tour, held in October served as the necessary club event to fulfill the USCF requirements that a sponsored club hold at least one event per year.

The SWCCC goals are to win road races and send our team to as many races as possible, especially in Texas. Our members will contend for podium positions (1st – 3rd place) while wearing the club jersey. SWCCC looks forward to introducing cycling to our Central Texas community and molding both young and not-so-young cyclists to learn to ride and race.

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Scott & White Cycling Club Race Calendar

La Primavera March 5-6, 2011 Lago Vista, TX
Fayetteville Stage Race March 19 - 20, 2011 Fayetteville, TX
Hammerfest April 9 - 10, 2011 Fort Davis, TX
ColdSpring Road Race May 7, 2011 Coldspring, TX

Race Results

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> 2009 race results

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