2011 Community Cycling Club Board Members

Image of Keller Matthews, M.D.

President - Keller Matthews, M.D.

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Keller Matthews is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at Scott & White Memorial Hospital, Texas A&M Health Sciences Center College of Medicine.

"I loved cycling, and unicycling when I was a kid, and I rediscovered it when I was 35. In retrospect, I wanted to share with my kids the joys I had found on the bike. I learned that I was considerably de-conditioned after a decade of relative inactivity during medical school and residency. Through cycling, I found great friends and extraordinary places, and learned to challenge my limitations. I have been delighted to find that each successive year has brought more fitness, friends, and destinations. SWCCC has been a great group; I have found support and challenges for my continuing development, and likeminded enthusiasts who aspire to improve."

Image of Pasquale Montanaro

Vice President - Pasquale Montanaro

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Pasquale Montanaro is a Medical Physicist in Radiation Oncology at Scott & White. He became interested in cycling towards the end of his undergraduate career and has since enjoyed broadening his cycling horizons from riding to school, to riding club rides and centuries, racing and riding on vacations in Europe. Pasquale enjoys combining many aspects of cycling including community awareness, social fellowship, and competition. Pasquale also sees cycling as a means to combine work and hobby by riding to support charitable causes with a focus on cancer treatment and research.

Image of Robert Reeve, M.D.

Secretary - Robert Reeve, M.D.

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Robert Reeve is an Assistant Professor in the Department or Orthopaedic Surgery and Director of the Division of Sports Medicine at Scott & White Memorial Hospital, Texas A&M Health Sciences Center College of Medicine.

He became interested in road bicycling in 2002 and has trained ever since. Currently he races in the Masters 50+ category with a 5th place finish in the Texas State Road Race in 2005.

Image of Kristofer Wagner

Treasurer - Kristofer Wagner

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Kristofer Wagner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery, Division of Urology and Director of Robotic Surgery at Scott & White Memorial Hospital, Texas A&M Health Sciences Center College of Medicine.

He became interested in road bicycling in early 2008 for fitness and now rides regularly throughout the year. He has participated in a number of regional charity events, races, and barely hangs on with the pack in fast-paced local group rides.

Image of Breck Vonderhoya

New Member Chair - Breck Vonderhoya

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Breck Vonder Hoya beginning riding in 2005 to improve his health and get his high cholesterol back "in the green".

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New Member Chair - Tom Sulak

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Image of Rick Beckam

Racing Director - Rick Beckman

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Rick Beckman is a Laboratory Chief for the Fort Hood Army Oil Analysis Program. He became interested in cycling in the early 1990s. Although Mountain Bike racing was his main interest for most of 90s, he became particularly attracted to Road Racing after he competed in a few road events and realized he wasn't covered in mud after the finish. Since becoming a "Roadie", Rick has raced nearly every venue within the State of Texas. In 2010, he was the TXBRA State Champion for the 35+ 4/5 category. "Road racing is my passion these days, and I'd like to extend an invitation to all new club members to come join us in a race event. I will guide you through the entire process".

Image of Tanya Taylor

Triathlon Director - Tanya Taylor

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Tanya Taylor is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in the Central Texas area. Tanya became involved in triathlon/cycling in 2006 when she began training for her first sprint triathlon. Since then, she has competed in sprint, olympic, half and full Ironman distances. Her training goal in 2011 is to finish the inaugural Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas.
Tanya trains regularly with SWCCC and aims to increase triathlon participation within the community.

Image of Chelsea Loafman

Major Events Chair - Chelsea Loafman

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Chelsea is a professor of anatomy and physiology at Central Texas College and has lived in the area since 2008. She has been in the
sport for about 4 years and her focus is mainly in the area of triathlons and duathlons. She competes a few times a year but mostly
enjoys the time out in the countryside with fresh open air. Chelsea is looking forward to putting on some great events this year and
drawing new people to the area and the sport.

Image of John Bolin

Cycling Friendly Community Chair - John Bolin

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John Bolin is Manager of the Sun Country Bike Shop in Temple and Killeen. He first got into cycling with BMX racing as a kid. After getting out of the sport for a while, John took up mountain biking 13 years ago and has been an active mountain and road biker ever since.

He has competed in mountain bike races, including 24-hour races.

John also participates in several road rides around the state, including Cyclefest in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.

Image of Chad Welch

Community Liaison - Chad Welch

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I began cycling as a PE credit in college. I quickly joined the UNT Collegiate Cycle team and started competing. After college, my passion for travel and cycling took me on a journey around the world by bike. In 1995, I rode both the Giro de Italia and the Tour de France courses from start to finish. After returning from Europe, I opened a bicycle shop in Taos, NM. Taos Cyclery was born with the help of my business partner Doug Pickett. From 1999-2005, my family and I lived in the Land of Enchantment. My son turned six in 2005, and my wife and I agreed that his education came first. I sold my half of Taos Cyclery to my partner and headed home to Texas. I needed more hills than Dallas had to offer, so Central Texas was an obvious choice. For the next four years, I taught and coached at KISD. I never lost the passion to have cycling be more of just a riding experience. In November 2010, I opened my second shop, Tri-City Bicycle, in Belton, TX. My desire is to support the cycling community in all aspects of cycling.

Image of Paul Sacket

Community Liaison - Paul Sacket

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Paul Sacket is a local business owner. His company, Central Texas Machining, specializes in high volume CNC machining of oil related components, hydraulic cylinders, and packaging equipment.

Paul was introduced to cycling by some friends thru mountain biking in 2005. He began racing on the TMBRA series in 2006. He was the 2006 & 2007 State champion (35-39 Cat 3 & Cat 2 respectively) in the TMBRA series. In 2007 Paul finished 5th at the MTB Nationals. In 2008 he placed 2nd in the State Championship series in Single Speed Open. Currently Paul is racing Cat 1 40-49 in which he placed 3rd in the 2009 State Championship Series.

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