About the Community Cycling Club

The Scott & White Community Cycling Club (SWCCC), formed in March 2008, is establishing itself as a club for both non-competitive and competitive cyclists of all ages with an emphasis on introducing the sport of cycling to new riders. Over 200 members have joined the club!

Our membership includes experienced cyclists who are committed to promoting the sport to our entire community and mentoring new riders. Several distinguished racers have also joined the SWCCC and have helped foster new racers bearing the SWCCC jersey!

The passion of our club members for the sport of cycling translates to the birth of a strong, viable club with members that have expertise and knowledge about all aspects of cycling.

Our first year goals are to promote a healthy and fit community through community service initiatives. This year we will also introduce SWCCC as a new Club name in Texas competitive cycling. SWCCC has an opportunity to recruit new talent, as no other racing Clubs exist in the Central Texas area north of Austin.

Consistent with the mission and vision of Scott & White and our club, we would like to promote a healthy and fit Texas community through cycling, modeling a healthy lifestyle and giving back to our community.

Goals and Purpose of SWCCC

  • Provide a resource to the Temple/Belton community to aid in promoting wellness, health and combating the epidemic of obesity by inviting community participation in the SWCCC.
  • Support Scott & White's vision and mission by encouraging wellness and health of members through the medium of exercise, specifically cycling.
  • Enhance Scott & White's reputation in the local community by conducting community outreach activities promoting awareness, education and participation.
  • Enhance Scott & White name recognition in the Southwestern region by club member participation in competitions and by creating and hosting community and/or competitive events locally.
  • Be a local pillar of support for the Scott & White vision of becoming “the most Trusted and the most Valued name in American Health Care” by beginning in the local community.

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