What to Do After Your Baby Is Diagnosed Via Ultrasound with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

  • Know that cleft lip and/or palate is correctable with surgery. There are resources to help with the process caring for a child with a diagnosis of this sort. The team approach is comprised of a group of health care professionals (surgeons, dentists, speech pathologists, mental health specialists, and others) who work together to treat a child with a facial birth defect.
  • You, a family member or your primary care provider may contact the Clinical Cleft Palate/Craniofacial Team Coordinator at 254-724-4868 or 254-724-5640 to submit a referral and begin care with the team at Scott & White.
  • After the referral, the Clinical Team Coordinator is available for an educational meeting for expectant mother. The parent will be given information about the cleft condition and discuss in better detail the team approach and begin the scheduling process.
  • Appropriate educational materials will be made available to the family.
  • The parents will be given an opportunity to visit with other families that have had a child affected by cleft lip/palate at the monthly support group meetings to gain a non-medical perspective about the upcoming birth of their child.
  • The Cleft Palate Team encourages the referral of parents who have been diagnosed via ultrasound with a child that will be affected by a cleft. Adequate sharing of information and education has shown to help the families cope with the birth defect. It also helps them to have the appropriate information to educate other family members, friends, and childcare providers that may assist in the care of the child.

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