Referral Process

When a patient is referred to an interdisciplinary team by a physician, either inside or outside Scott & White, the following protocol will be used to obtain pertinent data to initiate care services:

The referring physician will share demographic, biographical and necessary medical information about the patient and family with the appropriate Clinical Team Coordinator. The referring physician’s name, phone number and address will be obtained to ensure community-based coordinated medical services.

The Clinical Team Coordinator will contact the patient and/or family to explain the interdisciplinary team concept and to obtain the following biographical and demographic information:

  • Patient name
  • Patient home address
  • Patient contact numbers
  • Patient place of birth
  • Names of parents or legal guardians
  • Responsible party (RP) name
  • RP date of birth
  • RP’s place of employment
  • RP’s social security number
  • Insurance information
  • Patient’s primary care physician

This information will be communicated by telephone to Registration to obtain a medical record number and initiate appointment scheduling.

When a patient is referred by an outside agency, the same process applies.

With insurances such as Medicaid PCCM, Humana Military (Tri-care Prime or extra) or any other insurance not contracted with Scott & White, authorization from the patient’s primary care physician is required.

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