Cerebral Palsy, Neuromuscular/Tone and Spina Bifida Team Patient Referrals

For a referral to Dr. Brindley for pre-evaluation, send your completed consult form PDF Document to one of the following:

Jeanette West
Team Coordinator

Phone: 254-724-0232
Fax: 254-724-1919
S&W Children's Specialty Care Coordination Program
2401 S. 31st Street
Attn: J. West
Temple, TX 76508

Dr. Brindley's office
Fax: 254-724-1886

To be referred to the Cerebral Palsy, Neuromuscular/Tone and Spina Bifida Teams, a patient must first be referred to Dr. Hanes H. Brindley, Jr., Pediatric Orthopedics, by a primary care physician, pediatrician or physician specialist for an initial pre-team evaluation. The teams will not assume complete care of a pediatric patient as it is necessary that the child maintain established care with a primary care physician.

Once a referral is received by the team coordinator from Dr. Brindley, insurance authorization is verified for the remaining pre-team evaluation process. The steps toward the pre-team evaluation may take a minimum of two to four months depending on variables related to the insurance authorization process, availability of appointments and family cooperation.

Not all children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida or neuromuscular conditions benefit from being followed on a regular basis by the multidisciplinary team. If a child does not require the services provided by the entire team, the family will be notified either during or upon completion of the assessment/evaluation process. The family will then have the opportunity to continue care with the child’s primary care physician and any individual physician specialists deemed necessary to meet the child’s specific needs.

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