Treating Sarcoma Cancer

At Scott & White, You're Treated as a Person, Not a Diagnosis
Our Tumor Board Sets Us Apart

As a sarcoma patient at Scott & White, in addition to having a highly experienced Integrated Care Team, you'll also benefit from the expertise of the Scott & White Tumor Board.

Led by senior staff, our multidisciplinary board consists of sarcoma experts who discuss available approaches to care and formulate patient-specific treatment plans. This collaborative treatment planning helps ensure you receive the highest quality, individualized care.

After your sarcoma cancer is diagnosed and staged, your care team will recommend treatment options. We offer a variety of options to provide safe, effective and progressive treatments for all stages of sarcoma (bone and soft tissue cancer).

Your Treatment Options

Surgery for Bone and Soft Tissue Cancers

In most cases, sarcoma treatment involves surgery. We have a team of highly-experienced surgeons who remove tumors from all areas of the body. Our surgeons work together when a combination of skill sets is needed. Our surgical specialties include:

  • General surgical oncology
  • Musculoskeletal oncology
  • Plastic reconstructive surgery
  • Neurosurgery/spine surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Urology
  • Vascular surgery
  • Head and neck surgery

Radiation Therapy for Bone and Soft Tissue Cancers

If radiation therapy is recommended, there are a few ways to treat the cancer. Certain cases involve pre-operative radiation therapy, and in others we recommend it after surgery. For a select few cases we also deliver radiation therapy through catheters placed in the surgical bed at the time of surgery. This is called brachytherapy and can be very useful in cases where the tumor is close to major structures that must be preserved.

Chemotherapy for Bone and Soft Tissue Cancers

Chemotherapy is recommendedor some sarcomas that have spread or that respond well to drugs. Our pediatric and adult oncologists have experience in sarcoma treatment protocols and clinical trials.

Like radiation therapy, you may be given chemotherapy prior to surgery, after surgery, or both. This treatment usually involves a combination of medicines shown to work well together to treat your type of tumor.

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Collaborative Care and Expertise Help Ensure the Best Outcome for You

Sophisticated cancer care takes teamwork. That's why Scott & White promotes a collaborative environment.

Your Integrated Care Team will meet to discuss your specific needs and determine the best treatment options for you to consider. Then your lead physician will talk with you and, if you'd like, your family, about the team’s recommendations.

Together, you and your physician will decide which treatment choice is best for you.

Throughout your treatment, your physicians will continue to meet regularly to discuss your care. This ongoing, close collaboration helps ensure the best outcome for you.

Medical Surveillance for Bone and Soft Tissue Cancers

Following active treatment, the cancer team will work with you to create the most appropriate follow-up care plan. This can include medical surveillance, which involves regular follow-up appointments. During these visits, we'll use advanced imaging techniques to assure that if there is recurrence of sarcoma, it is caught early and treated appropriately.

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