Benign Bone Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions

The Division of Musculoskeletal Oncology is expert in the field of diagnosing and managing benign tumors and tumor-like conditions in bone.


Much of the diagnoses of these entities rely on plain X-ray films, but occasionally advanced imaging techniques are required as well. If the answer is still not definite, biopsy may be necessary.


Many of these conditions can simply be observed, requiring no formal treatment. In other words, your physician will monitor your tumor, intervening with treatment if conditions change.

However, in some cases, surgery or some other treatment may be necessary.

At the Bone & Joint Institute at Scott & White, we employ a wide variety of leading-edge techniques to treat the vast array of bone tumors and rare tumor-like conditions of bone.

Your physician will discuss with you which option is best for you.

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