Surgery for Head & Neck Cancer

Your Integrated Care Team may recommend the surgical removal of your head or neck tumor. Surgery generally is one of several treatment approaches for your head and neck cancer.

Treatment Goals for Head & Neck Cancer

At Scott & White, treatment goals for head and neck cancer include:

  • Removing as much of your cancer as possible
  • Preserving organ function
  • Preventing local symptoms and recurrence

When planning your treatment for cancers of the mouth and throat, your physician team will consider the treatment’s impact on your speech and ability to communicate.

Every effort is made to preserve your ability to speak and nourish yourself in a normal manner as much as possible.

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Surgical Procedures Offered for Head & Neck Cancer

The types of surgical procedures offered for head and neck cancer are based on the location of your cancer:

For more information on surgical procedures offered, please select from the specific head and neck cancers above.

There are lots of data showing that with early-stage head and neck cancers, radiation therapy and surgery are equivalent. So it’s really the patient’s choice of whatever side effect profile they want to go with, as far as whether they want to go with surgery or irradiation for first line treatment.

D. Randall Pinkston, MD; Chief – Section of Head & Neck Surgical Oncology

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