Genitourinary Cancer Support Services

Other Beneficial Services at Scott & White
  • Oncology Social Workers help you with the psychological, social, physical and emotional issues that result from a cancer diagnosis.
  • Pastoral Care in Temple offers spiritual care and support for you and your family.

Support Groups

Scott & White sponsors support groups in Central Texas for prostate cancer patients and their caregivers. If you have a different form of genitourinary cancer, you may find it beneficial to attend one of our general cancer support groups.

View Schedules of Upcoming Cancer Support Groups and Events

These support groups are an extension of the medical care you receive at Scott & White, and can sometimes serve as a cathartic opportunity for you to grieve, share and rejoice in other’s milestones. Scott & White nurses attend the meetings to help field medical questions. In addition, we often feature guest speakers — physicians who present the latest information on cancer treatments or technology, and field general questions.

For more information, please call the Scott & White Vasicek Cancer Treatment Center at 254-724-5918.

Support groups are also offered by:

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