Stages of Parathyroid Cancer

The risk of your cancer spreading (metastasizing) is related directly to the size of your tumor. The term stage refers to the extent your tumor has spread. With most cancers, the stage is important in determining the likelihood of cure with treatment.

However, because parathyroid cancer is rare, the American Joint Committee on Cancer has not yet formulated a staging system for this malignancy. Additionally, tumor size and lymph node status don’t appear to be predictive markers for the progression of this disease.

In general, localized parathyroid cancer is cancer that is isolated in the parathyroid gland and has not spread to adjacent tissues.

Metastatic parathyroid cancer is cancer that has spread beyond the parathyroid gland. Parathyroid cancer generally spreads (metastasizes) to the nearby lymph nodes and lungs. It may spread to your liver, pleura, pericardium and pancreas as well.

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