Endocrine Cancer Care

We promote a multidisciplinary approach to complex endocrine cancers. The advantage of multidisciplinary care is that you can come to one place to meet with your surgeon and have all your cancer care coordinated through our cancer center.

Terry C. Lairmore, MD, Endocrine Surgeon and Chief of Surgical Oncology

Endocrine cancer is a broad term for cancers of the endocrine system, which is primarily made up of glands in your body that produce chemical messengers called hormones. These hormones regulate various functions throughout your body.

Scott & White helps set the standard nationwide for the treatment of endocrine tumors. Your Scott & White Endocrine Cancer Team leads the way nationally in providing the most advanced surgical and radiotherapy treatment options available. In fact, our Endocrine Surgery Team pioneered surgery for adrenal gland tumors so patients can now experience less pain and blood loss, plus faster recovery times after surgery.

Breadth and depth of experience in the clinical management of endocrine tumors and malignancies is the hallmark of your Scott & White Endocrine Cancer program. Our multidisciplinary group of physicians has the specialized training and the experience necessary to diagnose, evaluate and treat the following endocrine tumors:

What about the pituitary gland?
Because the pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain, patients with pituitary tumors are cared for by our brain and spinal cord cancer team. Find out more »

In general, cancers that originate in different parts of your endocrine system are diagnosed and treated differently.

For more information, please select from the endocrine tumors and cancers listed above.

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Mohit Bansal
Terry C. Lairmore
Surgical Oncologist