Treating Brain and Spinal Cord Cancer

At Scott & White, You're Treated as a Person, Not a Diagnosis
Our Tumor Board Sets Us Apart

As a brain or spinal cord cancer patient at Scott & White, in addition to having a highly experienced Integrated Care Team, you'll also benefit from the expertise of the Scott & White Tumor Board.

Led by senior staff, our multidisciplinary board consists of brain and spinal cord cancer experts who discuss available approaches to care and formulate patient-specific treatment plans. This collaborative treatment planning helps ensure you receive the highest quality, individualized care.

Your Treatment Options

Certain tumors respond better to certain treatments. And a combination of methods may be needed to treat and manage your cancer. That's why at Scott & White you'll be cared for by a multidisciplinary Integrated Care Team. Your multidisciplinary team will work with you and each other to determine the best treatment options for you. Treatment options include:

Factors That Impact Your Treatment Options

Your Integrated Care Team must evaluate several factors before recommending a plan for treating your brain or spinal cord cancer. These factors include:

  • Tumor location
    (some tumors are not accessible and are considered "inoperable")
  • Tumor size
  • Number of tumors
  • Tumor edges or borders
  • Your health
  • Your age
  • Your neurological status
  • Whether you've had previous surgeries
  • Your preference

Integrated Care Teams

Scott & White’s mission to provide personalized, comprehensive care is the foundation for the Brain and Spinal Cord Cancer Program. As a patient, you'll benefit from having a multidisciplinary team of specialists — your Integrated Care Team — working together to provide you with the best care possible at all stages of your cancer treatment.

In our team approach, you are the center of the team. Your Integrated Care Team includes health care professionals from all the specialties and subspecialties involved in your care, which can include:

As part of their collaborative care for you, your Integrated Care Team will meet to discuss your specific needs. Once they determine the best treatment options for you to consider, your lead physician will talk with you about the team’s recommendations. Together, you and your lead physician can then decide which treatment plan is right for you and your quality of life. And if you'd like, your family can be involved in the decision-making process, too.

Throughout your treatment, your physicians regularly meet to discuss your care. The specialists and subspecialists collaborate closely to ensure the best outcome for you. Your care is our priority.

Following active treatment, the cancer team will work with you to create the most appropriate follow-up care plan.

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