Pain Management for Brain and Spinal Cord Cancer

Anybody who has the misfortune of being diagnosed with cancer should definitely not have the misfortune of also suffering pain.

— Gerhard Friehs, MD, Neurological Surgeon

Pain Management Options

Radiosurgical Hypophysectomy

For treatment of pain related to advanced stages of cancer, your neurosurgeon may perform a procedure called radiosurgical hypophysectomy. Using the Novalis Tx Radiosurgery Platform, your physician will radiate your pituitary gland, where the hormones are produced that control your cancer.

Radiosurgical hypophysectomy can relieve some of the pain associated with advanced stages of cancer. Its goal is to make you more comfortable.

Advanced Neuromodulation Treatment

Scott & White offers an alternative therapy for managing pain associated with the advanced stages of cancer. In this approach, your neurosurgeon reroutes your medication so that it reaches the point of action more efficiently.

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