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Our Patient-Focused Approach Means You'll be Treated as a Person, Not a Diagnosis
2016 Prevention and Screening Programs

Each year, Scott & White’s Vasicek Cancer Treatment Center holds prevention programs designed to reduce the incidence of a specific cancer type. Likewise, we hold screening programs targeted to decreasing the number of patients with late-stage disease. These programs are based on the American Cancer Society’s recommendations for prevention and screening for cancers.

Download the 2016 prevention and screening program results PDF Document

At the Scott & White Cancer Institute, our approach to care is that every patient is an individual and every patient’s problem is an individual problem. That means we treat you as a person, not a diagnosis. We'll talk with you about how cancer and its treatment options will affect you as a person and your quality of life.

Excellence in Diagnosis

  • The most advanced and precise imaging systems available to locate tumors and help guide treatment
  • Nationally recognized diagnostic radiologists with critical experience identifying tumors
  • Board-certified pathologists skilled at classifying and staging cancer, and detecting markers that help physicians develop treatment plans

Excellence in Care

  • Advanced cancer care centralized for your convenience with specialists and support facilities under one roof, plus regional locations that make it easier for you to receive treatment without giving up an entire day
  • Integrated Care Teams — each a multidisciplinary collaboration of site-specific cancer specialists who provide comprehensive, high-quality care that's personalized to your needs
  • Secure, electronic medical records that enable your Scott & White physicians and other providers to quickly share important information about your care, including imaging and test results, treatment recommendations and more
  • Specialized oncology social work services, including counseling, coping technique education, and ongoing assessments during treatment

Excellence in Treatment

  • Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards specialized by cancer type and led by senior staff collaborating within Integrated Care Teams; together they develop the most favorable approaches to care and individualized treatment plans
  • Surgical oncologists on the leading edge of surgical techniques and complex cancer procedures, including minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery
  • Radiation oncologists who combine extensive experience and research with the most advanced technology to precisely target and treat tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissue
  • Medical oncologists who take meticulous care to determine which chemotherapy drug or drugs are best for you

In addition, our physicians work closely with the Scott & White Cancer Research Institute and other national organizations to offer new cancer treatments to patients in need.

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