High-Risk Breast Cancer Program

Scott & White’s High-Risk Breast Cancer Program offers new hope for women and men at high risk for the disease. The program’s purpose is to assess risk, counsel patients about reducing their risk and provide comprehensive, personalized follow-up care.

Are You a High-Risk Candidate?

“While breast cancer is usually sporadic, some women may have a genetic predisposition to the disease,” explains Dr. Kathy Kimmey. “Hereditary breast cancer, estimated to account for between 7 and 10 percent of such cancers, is associated with two specific gene mutations often shared among family members.”

Women at high risk based on age and personal medical history are candidates for the High-Risk Breast Cancer Program. The program also serves women whose family members:

  • Have been diagnosed with breast cancer under age 50
  • Have breast and ovarian cancer
  • Have ovarian cancer at any age
  • Have men in the family with breast cancer
  • Have bilateral breast cancer
  • Are Ashkenazi Jew

“All women are at risk for breast cancer,” says Dr. Kimmey. “But those facing the highest risks may consider options ranging from conservative observation to prophylactic mastectomy. Medications are also available to reduce risk.”

When genetic risk factors are identified, genetic counseling and testing may also be employed.

Appointments and Referrals

Scott & White accepts most major insurance plans providing health care coverage, including Medicaid (TMHP), Medicare and TRICARE. See if your plan is included.

Some health plans may require a referral from your primary care physician or have other requirements for care prior to scheduling an appointment. Please contact your insurance provider to learn about your coverage.


You can request an appointment securely online or by phone.


You can refer a patient through our Physician Relations website or by phone.

  • Physician Relations (referral.sw.org)
  • Temple: 254-724-2218 or toll-free 1-800-882-4366
  • Round Rock: 512-509-0434

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