Support on the Trail Ride to Recovery

Rapid Recovery Joint Program

You’re the Trail Boss of your own recovery on our western-themed Trail Ride.

You set the pace as your nurses and therapists — your Hired Hands — chart your progress through the program, and your Scouts — family members or friends — help you along the way.

Support on the Trail Ride to Recovery

“We want this to be a team effort — the patient, the patient’s family and friends, and the healthcare providers,” says Christine Payne, RN, C, ONC, Coordinator of the Rapid Recovery Joint Program.

“A patient’s spouse, son or daughter, or good friend needs to be involved in his or her recovery,” says Payne, “so we have created a way to involve them as the ‘scout’ to coach and encourage the patient through recuperation and improved mobility.”

Your Scout joins you at the pre-op class and stays with you all along the Trail Ride. Together, you and your Scout learn how to:

  • Perform proper transfer techniques, such as from bed to chair
  • Use the breathing apparati
  • Ambulate safely after surgery
  • Perform activities of daily living independently while maintaining precautions taught


Your Scout will also be educated in how to help you once you get home.

You’re usually more motivated to get better faster when your family is here helping you. It’s very different than if you’re in bed all alone and your family visits you only now and then.

—    Christine Payne, RN, C, ONC, Coordinator of the Rapid Recovery Joint Program

A Little Friendly Competition on the Trail Ride to Recovery

In addition to being ”wrangled” by their friends and family, patients progress through the program more quickly as the staff encourages some friendly competition among patients.

Payne says: “The patients measure their progress against fellow patients by encouraging each other to finish their ‘trail ride’ on time."


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