Benefits of Trail Ride

Rapid Recovery Joint Program

The Scott & White Trail Ride: Rapid Recovery Joint Program is a rigorous rehabilitation program designed to get you up and moving after your joint replacement surgery as quickly and safely as possible.

Our success rates are some of the best in the nation:

  • 95 percent of our hip patients go home in two days or fewer
  • 85 percent of our knee patients go home in three days

The national norm is five to six days for both operations.

Benefits of the Trail Ride to Recovery Program

The primary benefits of the Trail Ride to Recovery Program are that it:

  • Details what to expect during the entire surgical and rehabilitation processes
  • Outlines your therapy protocol and how your family or friends can participate and help you
  • Gives a clear explanation of where you and your family will be at all times during your stay
  • Lists what to bring for your hospital stay
  • Provides many opportunities for you to have your questions answered
  • Alleviates many fears

Twenty years ago, hip and knee patients stayed one week or longer and wouldn’t even get out of bed for four or five days after surgery. Now we get you out of bed the same day of surgery within a few hours after leaving the operating table.

—    Christine Payne, RN, C, ONC, Coordinator of the Rapid Recovery Joint Program

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