At-Home Rehabilitation After Knee Replacement Surgery

Rapid Recovery Joint Program

The Trail Ride: Rapid Recovery Joint Program following your knee replacement surgery extends to your home.

Your surgeon and rehabilitation team collaborate to create a personalized, comprehensive at-home rehabilitation plan for you.

Goals of At-Home Rehabilitation

The more dedicated you are to completing your exercise plan at home, the quicker you will:

  • Have improved flexibility
  • Have improved range of motion
  • Have increased strength and stability
  • Return to your daily activities

At-Home Rehabilitation Plan

Following knee replacement surgery, you’ll need extensive rehab. For the first weeks following your operation, physical therapy will come to your home to help you with your exercises.

  • PT every day for a week
  • PT every other day for two more weeks

You’re encouraged to have more sessions after that on your own time.

Find out more about recommended exercises after knee replacement surgery.


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