At-Home Rehabilitation After Hip Replacement Surgery

Rapid Recovery Joint Program

The Trail Ride: Rapid Recovery Joint Program following your hip replacement extends to your own home.

Your surgeon and therapy team collaborate to create a personalized, comprehensive at-home rehabilitation plan for you.

Goals of At-Home Rehabilitation

The more dedicated you are to completing your exercise plan at home, the quicker you will:

  • Have improved flexibility
  • Have improved range of motion
  • Have increased strength and stability
  • Return to your daily activities

Recommendations for At-Home Rehabilitation

To speed your recovery, your team makes the following recommendations:

  • Follow your surgeon’s and therapists’ orders exactly.
  • Review your list of precautions regularly.
  • Don’t break your list of precautions.
  • Bend your hips at a 90-degree angle – sitting is your rehab.


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