Post-Operative Activity Goals for Total Joint Patients

Rapid Recovery Joint Program

Post-Operative Day 0

  • May have physical therapy evaluation at bedside
  • Sit up on edge of bed or in chair at bedside

Post-Operative Day 1

  • Physical therapy evaluation at bedside in the morning
  • Physical therapy treatment in gym area if evaluated POD 0
  • Physical therapy treatment 2 times per day
  • Occupational therapy evaluation and education
  • Dressed prior to therapy in gym area
  • Protocol exercises (2 sets of 10)
  • Transfers and bed mobility with minimal assistance
  • Ambulation with device for 25 feet
  • Care partner (“Scout”) to observe during sessions and begin to assist

Post-Operative Day 2

  • Attend physical therapy sessions (2 times per day) in gym area
  • Occupational therapy (equipment training, grooming while standing at sink, tub/shower training)
  • Protocol exercises (2 sets of 10); add standing exercises
  • Transfers and bed mobility with verbal cues and very minimal assistance
  • Ambulation with device for 50 feet one time
  • Step training/stair training
  • Care partner (“Scout”) to assist with mobility and exercises

Post-Operative Day 3

  • Walk to physical therapy session in the gym area for morning treatment
  • Occupational therapy to continue as needed
  • Protocol exercises (2 sets of 15)
  • Ambulation with device for 100 feet at one time
  • Independence with transfers, bed mobility, stair management
  • Education in car transfers
  • Care partner (“Scout”) to assist with all patient needs

Discharge in the afternoon

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