Joint Replacement and Reconstructive Surgery

Your hips and your knees get constant use, and, after years of walking, moving, bending and working, they may just wear out and need replacing.

Scott & White offers a wide range of joint repair or replacement surgeries for hips and knees, including early prevention and reconstructive procedures designed to catch your arthritis in its early stages and avoid the later degenerative changes that lead to total joint replacement.

At Scott & White, our philosophy is to do no more surgery than what is necessary to relieve pain and deformity. If early intervention or reconstructive procedures are not suited to your condition or are unsuccessful, then we’ll pursue alternatives such as hip or knee replacement.

With our early-intervention approach at Scott & White, our goal is to get you back into the workforce or your daily activities as quickly as possible.

Our Team Approach

Scott & White Joint Replacement and Reconstructive Surgery provides a multidisciplinary approach to your care. Our dedicated staff of specially trained nurses, technicians, therapists and other support professionals work together to maximize patient care, develop innovative new implants and processes for prosthesis placement, and design new research opportunities to advance patient care.

Movement and rehabilitation are both key to a full recovery after joint replacement surgery. For eligible patients, Scott & White offers an intensive therapy program designed to have patients back on their feet within three days of surgery. Learn more about the Rapid Recovery Joint Program.

Schedule an Appointment

To make an appointment with one of our joint replacement specialists, call 254-724-BONE (2663) or 866-393-3630.

Total Joint Replacement Education

Scott & White College Station Hospital offers a Total Joint Replacement Education class to introduce you to your care team and prepare you for surgery. Learn more »

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