Antibacterial Skin Cleanser Instructions for Use

For Your Convenience

Your surgeon may give you a special antibacterial skin cleanser to use prior to your surgical procedure.

Washing with the antibacterial skin cleanser will reduce the number of bacteria (germs) on your skin and reduce your risk of infection.

NOTE: Do not use this skin cleanser if you’re allergic to chlorhexidine.

Instructions for Use

Take a complete bath or shower the night before and the morning of your surgical procedure using the antibacterial skin cleanser provided to you by your surgeon. If you do not get a cleanser from your surgeon, an antibacterial soap like Dial will do.

Using a washcloth, wash from your neck to your toes with the antibacterial skin cleanser provided.

IMPORTANT: Do not get this antibacterial skin cleanser in your eyes, ears or on your face. Use regular soap for your face and regular shampoo on your hair.

Thoroughly rinse the antibacterial skin cleanser from your body.

Do not use lotions or powders on your skin after bathing.

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