For Your Family - While They Wait

Temple Main Campus Day Surgery

Your family will receive an information card with your surgery tracking number to follow surgery updates on the Surgery Tracking Screen.

Your family may wait during your operation in the Surgical Family Waiting Room. If they need to leave the area, they may pick up a beeper at the information desk. They may also leave a cell number with the information desk if they need to leave the area.

Your report time is scheduled one to two hours prior to your anticipated surgery time in order to complete the preoperative process and allow for an earlier start time in the event your surgery begins ahead of schedule.

Explanation of Family Waiting Room Tracking Screen

  • Scheduled for (Time) – Estimated surgical start time.  This time may change. Surgery is not always predictable and there may be unanticipated delays.
  • Waiting, Scheduled for (Time) – Lets the OR (operating room) and Day Surgery know you have checked into the Surgical Family Waiting Room.
  • In Pre-Op Prep, Scheduled for (Time) – Occurs on the second floor directly above Family Waiting Room. The preoperative process includes questions important to your care, checking consent forms, and giving medication ordered by your physician or surgeon. Two guests may accompany you to the Pre-Op area.
  • In Operating Room – You have entered the operating room, but surgery has not started yet. Your family will return to the Surgical Family Waiting Room and will receive hourly updates on your progress.
  • Surgery in Progress – Surgery is underway.
  • Finishing Surgery – Surgery is almost complete.
  • Surgery Complete – You are on your way to the PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit) or Day Surgery Post-Op area. Depending upon your anesthetic, procedure or condition, you will recover in PACU or Day Surgery.
  • In Recovery – You are in the PACU.  PACU nurses will be with you as you wake up.  Our average stay in PACU is two hours.  
  • In Post-Op – If you are going home after surgery, you will go to the Post-Op area. Our goal is to return you to your home as quickly as possible. You will be given instructions on your care. Please pay close attention to printed information provided to you concerning your medications and instructions. You will receive a phone call the day following surgery.
  • Discharged to Patient Room – If you are being admitted to the hospital, you will go to your assigned room from the PACU. There are times when the hospital is full and room delays may occur. The PACU is a restricted area; however, we will make every effort to allow a family member to be with you if delays occur.

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