Host a Blood Drive

In addition to a Blood Center, Scott & White also has three bloodmobiles available as a more convenient way for members of outlying communities and businesses to donate blood.

Our bloodmobiles can accommodate up to 12 donors every hour and provide the same privacy and comfort as our Blood Center. Every step of the donation process is made within the bloodmobile — we just need a level area to park.

Schedule a Drive

Determine Interest

You should have at least 15-20 interested donors before you schedule the blood drive. Ask around to see how many people will want and be eligible to donate at your drive.

Schedule a Date

Call the Blood Center at 877-724-HERO (4376) or submit on online request. Have one or two dates in mind that will accommodate the majority of your prospective donors. We will help you determine the length and time of your drive based on the number of interested donors.


We will send you flyers to post to let the community know we are coming. Contact a local businesses and a radio station or newspaper to spread the word even farther.

Sign Up Donors

We will send you a list with time slots for committed donors to sign up. While we welcome unexpected walk-ins, the sign-up list helps us best prepare for your drive in several ways:

  • Spreads out donors to keep wait time to a minimum
  • Helps us to appropriately staff and stock supplies
  • Allows us to extend your drive if more donors than expected sign up

Set Up

Select a person to be available on site when the bloodmobile arrives the day of the drive. Have six level parking spaces located near the parking lot or building from which donors will be arriving.

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