Yasin, Hometown Hero

"Our family got a second chance."

Yasin SuliveresZahra Rosa-Suliveres and her two sons kick off each weekend with a special family activity - going out to eat, visiting the park or watching a movie. It's their family ritual after a long week of school and work.

One evening last November, the festivities ended abruptly after a fun-filled dinner at a Killeen restaurant.

As they were leaving, Zahra's two young sons bolted out the front door and raced across the parking lot toward their car. Zahra screamed for them to stop and her older son did so, just in time. Five-year-old Yasin didn't hear her frantic plea and ran into the path of a car.

Zahra watched in terror as her son collided with the car and fell to the ground. She rushed to his aid to find only scrapes and bruises on the outside of the young boy's body, but the blood coming from his mouth warned of a much more serious problems on the inside.

Yasin was sent to Scott & White Hospital with internal bleeding. His liver was lacerated and blood was filling his lungs.

"Things were not looking good at all for him," Zahra said. "He lost a lot of blood and he needed surgery to drain the blood from his lungs."

During surgery, he received two pints of lifesaving blood to replenish what he had lost during his trauma.

Many factors played a role in little Yasin's survival - the skillful hands of his surgeons, visits from his friends at Reeces Creek Elementary School and the blood he received from a Hometown Hero.

"I thought I was going to lose my son and it was so hard for me," Zahra said. "I thank God that He helped us to take care of him, but if the blood hadn't been there…"

Today, little Yasin is a normal 5-year-old boy - vibrant and full of life. He loves playing video games, going to the park, eating ice cream and playing with his big brother, Yonis, who is 7.

"I am so thankful," Zahra said. "I understand how important it is to donate blood. I know how it is to see someone you love in so much pain and to be so helpless. I was so thankful that so many people have such good hearts to donate blood and that it was there for my son."

Hometown Hero

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