Katy, Hometown Hero

"A few minutes out of someone else's life meant a lifetime with my daughter."

Katy FlowersThe day Katy Flowers gave birth to her daughter, she was blessed with two miracles - her daughter, Maggie, and a second chance at life, thanks to a Hometown Hero.

When Katy went into labor, everything seemed normal. But what started out as something so routine and natural, instantly turned into an emergency when a rupture caused massive blood loss and almost cost Katy her life. Without the gift of blood, she never would have laid eyes on her beautiful daughter, much less been around to watch her grow up.

Even though she has an incredible fear of needles, Katy feels compelled to give blood. She feels passionate about giving the gift of life in honor of those who gave her a second chance at life.

Those who donate blood at the Scott & White Blood Center earn the respect and admiration of an entire community. Only Scott & White ensures all blood donations remain here to directly benefit the people in our area. Please join this Hometown Hero in giving the generous gift of life at the Scott & White Blood Center.

Hometown Hero

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