Isabel, Hometown Hero

Realizing how important one person can be

Isabel VillarealNearly 30 years ago, Isabel Villarreal was walking through the Scott & White Emergency Department in search of a friend when a message over the intercom declared that the Blood Center was in dire need of blood donations.

Isabel was overcome with a strong desire to help. She realized that her blood could save a life — the life of someone's mother or son or friend or neighbor.

“I wanted to help that person,” she said, and she has been a regular blood donor since that day.

Unlike most blood donors, Isabel has seen first hand the life and death situations that patients face when a blood transfusion is needed. Isabel has worked as a registered nurse for 36 years. Part of this time was spent in orthopedics where she actually administered the life-saving blood that many donors so selflessly donated. The benefits of a blood transfusion are immediate. Not only can a timely transfusion return color, orientation and vitality to a patient, but it can also return hope to their family.

“It's rewarding to see the immediate difference in a person when they receive blood,” she said. “You can see the difference right away — the color comes back and they become more oriented. The life truly comes back to them after giving them a transfusion.”

Isabel believes in her mission of donating and makes a special effort to do so as often as she can. She knows that a blood donation changes more than just the life of the recipient – it touches everyone who loves that person.

“It makes me feel good to know that maybe I can save somebody,” she said. “And who knows, maybe in the future, a blood donor may help me or my family. I don't know what the future brings, but if someday I need it, I hope somebody will be willing to give it to me.”

Those who donate blood at the Scott & White Blood Center earn the respect and admiration of an entire community. Only Scott & White ensures all blood donations remain here to directly benefit the people in our area. Please join this Hometown Hero in giving the generous gift of life at the Scott & White Blood Center.

Hometown Hero

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