Dan, Hometown Hero

"Because my actions impact my community."

Dan WillsAs a retired police officer, former DARE officer and current high school teacher, Dan Wills has achieved many honorable milestones in his life. Perhaps one of his greatest accomplishments, though, is the ten gallons of blood this Hometown Hero has donated over the years.

Dan knows the importance of sharing this gift of life with his fellow man. As a former police officer, he has seen his share of tragedy over the years and knows that no one can predict if, when or why they might find themselves in need of blood. He can only imagine how comforting it must be to a family to learn their loved one's life is spared due to the generous donation of blood.

Those who donate blood at the Scott & White Blood Center earn the respect and admiration of an entire community. Only Scott & White ensures all blood donations remain here to directly benefit the people in our area. Please join this Hometown Hero in giving the generous gift of life at the Scott & White Blood Center.

Hometown Hero

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