Chris, Hometown Hero

"That accident was the beginning of a story, not the end."

Chris HolmesChris Holmes would not be alive today without the generous gift of blood. When he was 16, his car careened off a bridge, causing massive internal injuries and blood loss that required multiple blood transfusions, a complex surgery and a two-month hospital stay.

Chris still praises the skillful work of the Scott & White team of surgeons that pieced him back together.

"As good as these surgeons were, though, they still would not have been able to save me without blood," he said.

Chris, who is now 24, says he has a new appreciation for blood donation and he gladly rolls up his sleeve to give blood every eight weeks. It is a small tribute to those who saved his life seven years ago.

"It is important to donate blood because it is in constant need and it cannot be manufactured," said Chris.

Chris was honored as a Gold Blood Donor recently for donating the maximum of seven donations in 2007. He makes donating blood a part of his routine because he knows it is essential to the patients at Scott & White. He challenges all his friends and colleagues to make donating blood to the Scott & White Blood Center a priority in their lives.

Those who donate blood at the Scott & White Blood Center earn the respect and admiration of an entire community. Only Scott & White ensures all blood donations remain here to directly benefit the people in our area. Please join this Hometown Hero in giving the generous gift of life at the Scott & White Blood Center.

Hometown Hero

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