Donation Types


Allogeneic transfusions are those received from the blood bank which have been donated by carefully screened and tested Central Texas donors. Allogeneic blood is always available in emergencies.


An autologous blood transfusion is a procedure which allows patients to become their own blood donors. Those undergoing an elective surgery that will likely require transfusion may be able to donate one or more units of their own blood prior to the date of surgery. This is stored and reserved for the patient's use only. A written order must be obtained from the patient's surgeon to be considered for autologous transfusion. Blood must be given at least three days prior to use to allow time for processing and testing of the blood and recovery for the patient prior to surgery.


The Designated Donor Program allows patients who may need transfusion to designate specific donors for provision of blood. A special consent form with a list of approved donors must be signed by the patient prior to the time of designated donation. All designated donors must meet the same qualifications as an allogeneic donor. Blood must be given at least three days prior to use to allow time for processing and testing.


Apheresis platelet donations allow for a transfusion of platelets to come from a single donor, which reduces the risk to the patient. The donor's blood is collected using a machine which centrifuges the blood to remove the platelets and simultaneously returns the other blood components to the donor. This process requires an appointment. Visit the Donate Platelets page to learn more about donating platelets.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Therapeutic phlebotomy is the process of collecting blood and disposing of the blood as a way of treatment. The Scott & White Blood Center currently accepts only patients who have a current written order from a Scott & White physician. Blood drawn from donors diagnosed with hereditary hemachromatosis can be used for transfusion provided the donor meets the qualifications for an allogeneic donor and has a current written order with diagnosis from a Scott & White physician.

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