Four Seasons Donor Program

How to Become a Four Seasons Donor

It's simple to become a four seasons donor! Simply pick a donation type and donate throughout the year:

  • Whole Blood —  four donations
  • Dual Red Cells— two donations
  • Platelets— 10 donations

We've provided a useful guide below to help you stay on track toward your donation goal this year. Below each award level is a list of dates you must donate whole blood and dual red cells by in order to remain eligible for that award. Platelet donation frequency varies for each donor.

For more information about the gold, silver and bronze donor awards, visit our Donor Appreciation Banquet page.

  Whole Blood
Dual Red Cells
1st donation 7/16 9/10
2nd donation 9/10 12/31
3rd donation 11/05 -
4th donation 12/31 -

2017 Four Seasons Donor Gift

To recognize those who are committed to giving the the gift of life, the Scott & White Blood Center will present a special commemorative gift. This gift will be given only to eligible donors upon their request.

If you are currently eligible and have not yet received your gift, call us at 877-724-HERO or fill out an online form to request your gift today.


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