2014 Bike Tour Route

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Tour Kick-off
Saturday, September 27

Kick-off event in Waco

Day One
Saturday, September 27

Depart: Waco
Arrive: Belton

Day Two
Sunday, September 28

Depart: Belton
Arrive: Austin

Day Three
Monday, September 29

Depart: Austin
Arrive: Schulenberg

Day Four
Tuesday, September 30

Depart: Schulenberg
Arrive: Houston

Day Five
Wednesday, October 1

Depart: Houston
Arrive: College Station

Day Six
Thursday, October 2

Depart: College Station
Arrive: Mexia

Day Seven
Friday, October 3

Depart: Mexia
Arrive: Jacksonville

Day Eight
Saturday, October 4

Depart: Jacksonville
Arrive in Denton for the finale

* Cyclists average between 75-100 miles each day of the tour.

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