2012 Lone Star Circle of Life - In Memory of Joshua Canal

The 2012 Lone Star Circle of Life Team and alumni wish to dedicate this tour to
the memory of Josh Canal, who has been a tour honoree for many years.

Image of Joshua Canal

"He said many times, 'What if this is my chance to save a member of the family that gave me my second chance at life?"

I want to take a few minutes and tell you a little about this amazing man I was absolutely privileged to be married to. Josh was a hero in many ways to almost all who knew him. He was born with a rare heart condition that many children only live weeks with. But Josh  lived 17 years before his first heart had had enough and gave out. He lived everyday to the absolute fullest and did his best to ensure all who came in contact with him did also or knew the value of each day. He never stopped fighting; his heart just quit.

He was a hero in the way he made everyone smile and overcame so much as a child. Once Josh received his life saving heart transplant at the age of 17, he decided that he would find a way to give back to the community by going to school and becoming a paramedic. He had a passion for his job that could not be matched! He went into the profession with a positive attitude and said many times, "What if this is my chance to save a member of the family that gave me my second chance at life? I want to know I was able to help all I could." He would often calm his patients by telling them what he had been through, and they would realize everything would be ok.

Image of Joshua Canal

"Josh is now what he called a 'Second Chance Hero.' He saved more than 50 people."

Josh is now what he called a "Second Chance Hero." Second Chance Heroes are the organ, tissue and blood donors and families who make the decision in the midst of absolute tragedy to save someone else's life. I can say that I am a proud wife of this man and hero because I will forever know that his sense of humor will always live on. He was the guy that if you ever walked away from him not laughing or with a smile on your face, it was your own fault. Also, I recently found out that, with all Josh was able to donate, he saved more than 50 people. So still today, even after leaving this earth, he is saving lives. His beautiful, sparkling blue eyes I miss so very much gave sight to a 45-year-old male and a 62-year-old male. His skin went to burn victims at Parkland Burn Center, and bone and tissue went to numerous orthopedic and spinal surgery patients.

Image of Joshua and Pam Canal

"Josh and I will be together throughout the entire event"

Not only was I absolutely honored when I was asked if Josh could be the title honoree this year, it was also a dream of his come true. For years, Josh and I sat through ceremonies where he was honored as a recipient, and last year, a few days after his passing, he was honored as a donor. This year, I am happy to say our dreams have come true as I was asked to participate in the tour as well. Josh and I will be together throughout the entire event.

So I ask that you please take the time and seriously consider donating to this cause: raising awareness so more lives can be saved. Second Chance Heroes are needed daily. And what an honor it would be to have our home town honored along with our Second Chance Hero Joshua Aaron Canal.


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