Quotient® ADHD Test

The Quotient® ADHD Test is a FDA-cleared technology for objective measurement aiding in the assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It measures motion and analyzes shifts in attention state to give an assessment of the core symptom areas of ADHD:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Inattention

When administered prior to treatment, the test creates a baseline to determine whether or not an individual has ADHD. After treatment is established, it is a useful tool in evaluating the effectiveness and helping guide decisions about how to optimize the individualized treatment plan. It is a more objective test than previous methods of diagnosis and serves as an additional tool for clinicians. Additionally, it can be used to quantify severity of deficits in brain function associated with controlling motion and sustaining attention.

Testing can be performed on individuals age six to 55 years. The test takes 15 minutes for children ages six to 12 or 20 minutes for adolescents and adults.

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The Quotient® ADHD Test is offered at two convenient locations:

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